Why Do I Find Gossip So Interesting When I Want To Hate It?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I thought I hated gossiping. When people used to whisper back and forth in class or write each other notes during class, I wanted to despise them. Did they have anything better to do than talk about their classmates negatively? Was the class not as interesting as what happened over the weekend to so-and-so? I was confused about the obsession with knowing everything about everyone. I just didn't get it!

Then one day, something switched. I started learning these things about people and, while I was a great secret keeper, sometimes the information pours out of you like a volcano. I'd resorted to laughing about it with my friends and to ensure that I wasn't to blame for any wrong information, I would, without a fail, say this afterwards: "Well, at least that's what I heard". That was something that I thought would for sure keep me as an innocent bystander. That way I wasn't responsible for any rumors. Looking back on it, that was incredibly stupid of me. I was still gossiping, but to make myself feel less guilty, I'd put the blame on a completely made up person instead of letting myself or whomever told me in the first place go down in flames.

This goes for celebrity gossip as well. I can say that I hate tabloids one hundred times a day, and yet I find myself enveloped into the celebrity culture. I love knowing what's going on in their lives, despite me claiming that I hate it. I can say that it's invasive and inaccurate, yet I love when I hear a new rumor.  It's a sick form of entertainment that I can't seem to control.

In my Communications, earlier in the semester we discussed gossip. The definition in our book states that gossip is "to talk about an absent third party that can range from imparting information as well as speculation, rumors, and false information." In this sense, gossiping can include, but isn't just limited to rumors. Has the act of gossiping been taken over by the idea that it can spread false information, or is chatting about that absent third party, no matter the accuracy of the information, rude?

One of my goals is always to stop gossiping, and it always will be. Now that I live away from home, the way I learn about the happenings in NY is mainly through gossip from friends and family. I suppose I'll just have to find another way of learning about people's lives. Shall I try the old fashion way of, gasp, talking to people directly?

Top 3 Places I Want To Travel

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am an avid Pinterest user when it comes to travel pins. My "Places and Buildings" board has been getting a lot of love lately because of my unfathomable amount of wanderlust. I've always loved road trips and new cities, but since going to Spain in February of 2013, I have been itching to travel to more countries. I've always been fascinated with buildings, and as cool as buildings in the United States are, they're relatively young compared to structures in European countries. It would be impossible to list every place that I'd like to travel at some point in my life. It is my dream to knock off everything on my Pinterest travel board, but if I had to choose my top three, these are what they'd be.

1. Brighton, England
Maybe it's my fasciation with English accents, or the countless hours I've spent watching YouTubers from England who visit and/or live in Brighton, but I've grown found of this city on the sea. It seems very cool and less hustle and bustle (compared to London). Plus, the water is just an added bonus!
- Brighton Pier
- The Lanes

2. Sicily, Italy
My dad's family is from Sicily and I've always been fascinated by what little I've learned about it from his relatives. I think it'd be really nice to visit some day and see how his older family members lived. And let's face it, Sicily is absolutely gorgeous. Or at least it photographs well ;)

- Monreale Duomo
- Palermo Cathedral

- Island hopping // Aeolian Islands

3. Vienna, Austria
Now, I don't speak German or know much about the culture here, but every time I see a pin from Austria, specifically Vienna, I get some serious wanderlust. 

Schönbrunn Palace
- St. Stephen's Cathedral
-Prater Amusement Park

What are your top 3 travel destinations? 

Things I'm Loving

Monday, April 28, 2014

1. This photo of Lily Aldridge from her Instagram page.  

Turns out  that this stunner model, and wife of Caleb Followill, is friends with my homegirl Taylor Swift. This all black ensemble screams Audrey Hepburn and needless to say, I'm obsessed.

2. Photos of flowers


This year I have been particularly into flowers. I've pinned and reblogged countless numbers of photos of flowers, whether they be arrangements in vases, or growing wildly like the roses above. If you've read my past blogs, you would know that one of my goals for 2014 was to keep a flower alive. I had my lovely tulips that my roommate ended up killing. I went home for Easter break and asked my suite mate to water my flowers while I was gone, which she gladly obliged because she was going to be staying at school that weekend. My roommate constantly finds the need to lock our door and locked my suite mate out the entire weekend. The lack of water and sunshine completely killed my poor little guys. I've tried endlessly to nurse them back to health, but I think they're goners.

3. Speaking of flowers…these fashion designs made out of, you guessed it, flower petals.

The über talented Grace Ciao has incredible fashion sketches on her website, as well as book illustrations. These sketches using flower petals to form the gowns caught my eye this week and I am completely in awe as to how someone could construct such beautiful drawings. If you think that these are good, I highly recommend checking out the rest of her sketches on the site.

4. Iced coffee and blogs

I've always enjoyed iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's, but I've never been a fan of Starbucks coffee. One night, I decided to try an iced coffee because, well, why not? This was the single worst idea of my life because I cannot go a day without having my venti iced coffee. The Starbucks on campus is closed on the weekends, so I usually go Saturday and Sunday without it and well…I don't cope very well on those days. In addition to iced coffee, I've also gotten more into reading blogs lately. I've always read blogs, but it was normally just one or two at most. Now I've got a whole reading list that I read on the daily. 

What have you been loving recently?

Studying Playlist

Sunday, April 27, 2014

With finals coming up for my fellow college students, or final exams for any high schoolers out there, studying is becoming a must. Some prefer studying in silence, some prefer the coffee shop atmosphere, but I personally cannot study without music playing. I don't listen to the Top 40 lists or vulgar rap whilst trying to prepare for an exam. Instead, I listen to more relaxing music, preferably with words not in English or with no words at all (to keep me from singing along). If you are like me and need some background music while you're studying your little heart out, I've made a playlist for you to listen to while you read your textbook or rewrite your notes.

Playlist Here

Would You Rather: Beauty and Fashion

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A few weeks ago, my suite mate (and future roommate!) and I were playing Would You Rather with some vulgar choices. I thought it'd be fun to make it a little more appropriate and fitting for two themes in my blog: beauty and fashion! Here are a few fun Would You Rathers that you may or may not be able to easily choose between.
  1. Would you rather have perfect skin for the rest of your life (no acne, no acne scarring, and no visible pores) OR Have naturally long, dark, and curled eyelashes without any effort.
  2. Would you rather wear three outfits of your choice for the rest of your life OR only wear the color green?
  3. Would you rather wear one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life OR wear one eyeshadow for the rest of your life?
  4. Would you rather wear ballet flats for the rest of your life OR wear boots no matter the season?
  5. Would you rather give up contouring OR filling in your eyebrows?
  6. Would you dress according to the current trends OR how you dressed your freshmen year of high school?
  7. Would you rather have chapped lips OR dry skin on your face?
  8. Would you rather wear socks with sandals OR cargo pants?
These were too fun to not answer myself!
  1. Perfect skin, hands down. 
  2. Ugh, I'd have to pick the three outfits. There's only so much green a girl can wear.
  3. One eyeshadow, definitely. I change my lipstick color too often.
  4. Boots, because if I wore ballet flats all year round where I live, I would have no feet.
  5. I'd give up contouring. My eyebrows are my babies.
  6. Ugh, dress according to the current trend at the time. I never want to see my closet circa freshmen year ever again *shudders*
  7. I'd rather have chapped lips because looking at dry skin drives me absolutely crazy!
  8. I choose death.


Friday, April 25, 2014

For as long as I can remember, my classmates have been calling me an overachiever. Throughout high school, I learned to despise this word with every ounce of my being. No matter what I did (or didn't do), in the end somebody would end up saying that I tried too hard and "overachieved". It shouldn't have mattered to me, because it most certainly doesn't now.

Overachieving academically was never purposeful. I didn't go into my work and have the goal to go above and beyond what I needed to do. Sometimes I'd do the bare minimum, if that's what I truly thought I needed to do. Sometimes I'd put that little extra effort into assignments because I wanted to. It all depended on how thorough I had to be or how thorough I wanted to be. If it was an assignment for a class I enjoyed, like English, then I would put that little extra effort into it because I wanted to, not because I thought the teacher would think highly of me. I didn't do it to make other students look bad or to make myself look better. I always did work that I was proud of.

In my experience, the people who claimed I over-achieved did below the minimum while I did a little bit above. So, yes, compared to their subpar work, it did seem like I was overachieving. That is why I never let it bother me so much. Claiming I was an overachiever never annoyed me as much after I realized that their version of going above and beyond was correctly and sufficiently completing an assignment. I didn't like to cut corners or just scrape by. If I was going to do schoolwork, I was going to do it until it was complete and accurate.

This doesn't mean I didn't slack off a bit. When it came to math and science, I never really excelled, and because of that I let myself get away with some laziness in those subjects. In reality, I should have been putting the most amount of effort into them to improve my grades, but spending my time on English assignments seemed like a better use of my time, thus leading to me being an "English overachiever".

People will say what they will about you, whether it be your appearance or work ethic. The key is to just not care about what they think. It's not their lives and eventually they will learn that your habits should not concern them.

My Favorite Albums

Thursday, April 24, 2014

There are three questions that you should never ask me: "What's your favorite band?", "What's your favorite album?", and "What's your favorite song?". In lieu of those questions, I'm going to try to answer the second one to the best of my ability.

I listen to a lot of music. Like a lot. Like I have over 8,000 songs on my iPod a lot. I used to have the tendency to like a song by a certain band/artist and end up buying their entire music catalogue because I was a nutcase. There was really no good explanation for that. In more recent years, I have stuck with liking singles from artists and utilizing things like Spotify to see if I like that artist enough to buy the rest of that album or even a few more singles off of it.

However, I still do have my favorite albums, and that is from start to finish. There's just something great about listening to this one piece the entire way through, 40-60 minutes of one artist trying to tell you their story. I love everything about that and wish that I could listen to music like that all of the time. The point of this post is to tell you some of my favorite albums that I truly believe are flawless from start to finish. There are probably many more, but these were some that I thought of almost immediately.

This is in no particular order, of course, and I've decided to include some of my favorite tracks from each album.
  1. Tapestry by Carole King
    • "Where You Lead" - Uhhh, Gilmore Girls anyone? 
    • "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" - Loved it by The Shirelles, equally like it just as much by Carole King.
    • "Beautiful" - Did anyone else fangirl during the Grammy's when Sara Bareilles and Carole King did their "Beautiful/Brave" mash-up? Because I know I did.
  2. The 1975 by The 1975
    • "Robbers" - Greatest song to belt out in the shower.
    • "Sex" - If you've never driven really fast to this song, you have not lived. I highly recommend it, just be sure you're still following the rules of the road. 
    • "Menswear" - This song just makes me want to relax and chill, yet makes me want to move my hips.
  3. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver
    • "Skinny Love" - Everyone and their grandmother know this song by now, and it still makes me want to weep. Another great song to belt out in the shower. Or everywhere.
    • "For Emma", "Re: Stacks", and "Wisconsin" are all just great songs for those nights when you just want to listen to sad and slow music. I like writing and reading with this album on in the background.
  4. The Joshua Tree by U2 
    • "With Or Without You"- FRIENDS. That is all. 
    • "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - The guitar riff in this song, and one that shows up in most of the songs on the album, is just my absolute favorite.
    • "One Tree Hill" - #ChadMichaelMurray
  5. AM by Arctic Monkeys
    • "Mad Sounds" and "No. 1 Party Anthem" are two songs I wouldn't mind slow dancing to.
    • "R U Mine?" - You can find my head banging to this song at night when I'm alone in my room. 
    • "I Wanna Be Yours" - I telepathically send lyrics to this song to Harry Styles in my spare time.
    • "Knee Socks" - #CatholicSchoolMemories
  6. Only By The Night by Kings of Leon
    • "Closer" and "Revelry" just prove that Caleb Followill's voice is raspy and sexy and just plain awesome.
    • "Manhattan" - It's my favorite place on Earth (thus far), so it might as well be one of my favorite songs on this album.
    • "17" - I regret not listening to this song every day I was seventeen. I really do.
What's your favorite album of all time?

Why I Physically Cannot Text You First

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Other than people tweeting live sporting events, I swear the most common tweet that I see is some variation of "text me". When you want to talk to someone when you're bored, apparently it is easier to post something on social media about it than just scrolling through your contacts to find a friend to chat with. Or, heaven forbid you want to talk to a certain somebody and instead of texting them yourselves, you post "If you're bored, text me", "Text me, I'm bored" or some other version of that tweet.

I hate being the first person to text a person. It always boils down to the fact that I feel like I'm bothering somebody when in reality, if I was, they could just ignore it. But then being ignored would make me feel rejected and then I'm back to the place where I was before: not wanting to text first.

At some point, texting somebody first, especially somebody that you are interested in, turned into this partner seeking desperation that made you seem clingy. That's harsh. If I wanted to tell someone something, shouldn't me wanting to share this tidbit of information with you seem somewhat special? Say I just heard a really great song, the kind that can change your world in the matter of a few minutes, and I wanted to text somebody about it. Shouldn't that person feel special that as soon as I finished this song, one of my first thoughts was to share it with them? That doesn't seem creepy to me, but to some it might.

There is a difference between being clingy and just wanting to talk. Me texting you "Hey, what's up?" does not mean that I want to bear your children as soon as possible. It is not some secret "woman lingo"  to try to rope you into a relationship. It is simply me texting you to see how you're doing because I'm genuinely interested. If I text you, in sequence, "Hey, what's up?" "How are you?" "How's school?" "Are you okay?" "Are you busy?" "Can you talk?" without a reply between each, then maybe I'm trying too hard. I think that a general rule is two texts will suffice. If your first goes unanswered, maybe they missed it. But if your second goes unanswered, they're either busy or aren't interested in talking to you. If that is the case, don't get down on yourself. My guess is that you're a cool person and they're just not seeing it.

With all of that being said, I'm still terrified to text people first. If I like people, I won't talk to them unless they talk to me. It all goes back to me being afraid of rejection and disconfirmation. Society has scared me into thinking that if I want to show interest in someone, I shouldn't. You're supposed to play it cool and send subtle hints but also play hard to get. That to me is just so confusing and conflicting, but yet it's still something I believe in because I have nothing else to go off of.

The inevitable question comes: do you text people first or wait for them to text you?

How to Study in College

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Claiming that I devoted all of my time in high school to studying and doing homework would be a little far from the truth. I was by no means a slacker, and I always prided myself in my grades, but I always struggled to really buckle down and focus. I would rely on pure luck or common sense to get me through quizzes and tests, hoping for a grade in the 90s with all of my might. When you're not paying for high school, or in the case of a private high school, not out of your own pocket, it is a lot easier to not care so much about what happens to yourself when it comes to academics. This, however, changes the second you enter college and if you're not prepared for it, the sudden change can knock you straight onto your ass. Luckily, there are a few easy tips that you can follow to help ease the transition and get the most of the money you're putting in to attend university. With finals coming up, I figured now would be the best time to let you in on my studying secrets.

  1. READ YOUR TEXTBOOK. I wanted to make this size 600 font but nothing would let me. Seriously, read your textbook. I don't care if literally every other human being has told you that it is useless. They are not you and your textbook has a lot of information that you may have missed in a lecture while you were daydreaming about Harry Styles or that handsome boy in your Spanish class...
  2. Don't be afraid to use your highlighters. I highlight everything. Novels, textbooks, notes, lab instructions, whatever it may be. It clearly lets you know what is important from what is not. 
  3. Post it notes. Writing down what classes you need to study for on a sticky pad and putting it on the wall in front of your desk can help you keep on task. Plus, it is extremely satisfying being able to cross everything out once it has been finished. In addition to sticky pads, the post-it flags are also convenient for marking places in your notes to make easy access to a certain section that may be useful for a future exam.
  4. Flashcards. I know, I know. It's so two years ago, but flashcards are great for memorization of terms. If you are not too keen on the idea of writing out every single word and definition onto paper cards, check out Quizlet for a way to make online flashcards. In addition to the flashcards, they offer activities where you have to fill out the word when they give you a definition, make exams from multiple choice to matching to true and false, and test your reaction time with a speed race with terms. It's an interactive way to study, and the website takes a lot less time than dedicating hours to rewriting every definition out. 
  5. Study buddy. Study with somebody in your class, or go to your professor's office hours and ask them for help! Don't just rely on your brain to do everything. Sometimes it's nice to lean on somebody else for a second opinion or clarification. You learn a lot of new ideas from this kind of collaboration.
  6. Read aloud. I find it easy to grasp concepts when I say them out loud. I will admit to pretending to be teaching a class about the concept that I am trying to remember. I won't look at my notebook and will just try my best to explain it in my own words without looking. 
  7. Repetition. It may seem tedious, and completely useless, but I like rewriting my notes, and not just because I can't stand when they're not incredibly neat. Rewriting the concepts and definitions a second time helps me grasp and remember them even more. It's a great way to further embed the information into your mind if you want to take the extra time for it.
Of course these are not just limited to college! These could go for middle school and high school as well, though I don't recommend highlighting in your textbooks if you don't personally own them yourself like you would in college, or if you are renting them from your university's bookstore.

What's your favorite way to study, besides not studying at all?

Painting Flowers (OOTD)

Monday, April 21, 2014

I went home for Easter this weekend so I could spend the holiday with my family. Other than spending time with friends and family, going home means two things: food (and lots of it) and shopping. I hit up a few of my favorite stores, including a steal from Old Navy in which I purchased a black puffer vest for $8. Sunday morning, whilst picking up applications at the mall, I stopped into J. Crew's factory store and saw the dress of my dreams. I had seen this dress my senior year when I was looking for homecoming dresses in the regular J. Crew store and knew that 1. it would be too expensive for me to purchase myself and 2. too springy for a fall homecoming. Fate was working overtime this weekend because they had this circle-neck dress in my size AND 50% off. You best best I picked up this baby and got some wear out of it before heading back to school.

I'd like to thank my wonderful aunt who took these pictures for me because I left my camera at school. 

Dress: J. Crew (today is the last day it's 50% off!)
Shoes: White House Black Market (old)
Nail polish: Essie's 'Mob Square'

Eyebrow Routine and Products

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My eyebrows are my babies. I've mentioned this more than a few times on my blog, and will probably mention it approximately five thousand more times. I normally do not leave the house without foundation and my eyebrows done. I have products for days when I'm doing my full face of makeup, and products for days when I just want to run out the door to do errands.

When I'm doing my full face of makeup for the day, I tend to lean toward these products:

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I use the two darkest shades and mix them to fill in my eyebrows.
  • Elf eyeliner brush. This brush is meant to do eyeliner but I find that it's too thick to make a nice even line. I opted to use it to fill in my eyebrows instead and I love it.
  • Maybelline Clear Gel. I use this to set my eyebrows after I've filled them in with my eyeshadows of choice. 
When I'm in a rush, I only use one product, and that is the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in chocolate. One quick swipe of this over each brow gives them a nice tint and makes sure that they stay in place all day. I really like this for days where I don't have a lot going on but still want my eyebrows to look well groomed.

What's your favorite eyebrow product?

Why I Hate My Skin and Why It Hates Me

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My skin is my worst enemy, even higher on my list of enemies than squat challenges. I have never had clear skin. I got hit hard with acne around seventh grade and my school wouldn't let us wear foundation, which is a completely other story that I won't get into. This meant that I had to parade around the rest of middle school with a blotchy face and, later, horrendous bangs. I was a hideous little (well--not really little) thing and I attributed it all to my skin.

I tried Clean and Clear, ProActiv, Neutrogena, practically everything that advertised itself as an acne treatment. Everything worked for a little while. For about a month or so after I would use it religiously, my skin would clear up. Then, like clockwork, I'd get acne again and would have to try something new. Eventually, everything stopped working and I wanted to give up.

Going in to high school meant that I could finally wear foundation. Unfortunately, I never knew how to apply and which brands to use, so my experimentation with that led to a lot of bad skin days. It felt more like bad skin years at that point. The issue with putting makeup on over my acne was that it would make it worse, yet I refused to leave the house without something covering it. There was no way to win in this situation.

I tried different dietary methods to try to get rid of my acne. I stopped drinking milk, I cut out soda, I drank the recommended amount of water a day, and generally just started eating better. I saw a little bit of different in my skin for a while, but then like clockwork, it started coming around again. I was constantly frustrated with the state of the skin on my face. It was the cause of many of my breakdowns during high school. I thought I was this horrid, hideous beast who should not have been allowed in public without every imperfection covered.

Origins was a brand that definitely worked for me, and for a lot longer than other brands had. I had a solid run with Origins, but sadly that ended and I resorted to seeing a dermatologist about my ongoing acne problem. They prescribed me with a few different topical treatments since then, varying in "power". The only one I reacted badly with was retinol, which completely dried my face out to the point where it would flake off during the day. In the words of Sara (no h, because h's are #ew), EW.

I still drink a ton of water daily, exercise more frequently, give my skin breaks on days where I don't need to go out. I cleanse my face twice a day and an diligent about applying my topical treatments. I try to reduce my stress levels, but with college it is so hard sometimes.

Some days I wake up with my skin looking good. I still have scarring and a few here and there, but nothing that takes strategic foundation applying for. Other days…well, that's when I have to put a little more effort into my morning routine. It just depends on the week for me.

Why I Will Never Look Like a Model and Why That Shouldn’t Matter

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Just because you don't look like those girls in Poise magazine doesn't mean you're not beautiful in your own way."

"I don't wanna be beautiful in my own way. I wanna look like these people!"

"Oh, those aren't people, honey. Those are models."
- 13 Going On 30

From what I've been told, I was a small baby. I was somewhere around 6 pounds, so approximately the weight of Victoria Beckham's left leg. I feel like I was fairly average growing up through elementary school. Average height, not too lanky, but not chubby in the wrong places. In fifth grade, my feet grew to a size 9 and I sprouted to about 5 feet, 4 inches. I was not only the tallest girl in my class, but one of the tallest kids in general. At that age, it was mortifying to be taller than the boys. I despised my height and prayed to shrink to a petite size like my friends. Come high school, I was begging to be 5 foot 10 like my idol, Taylor Swift. Funny how things change, huh?

I started playing soccer when I was 4 and didn't stop until my last season during senior year. I danced and played basketball during the winters as well. I was active and my body started to show it. My legs became more muscular rather than slim, lean beanpoles. My arms grew muscles that I didn't know even existed. Fifth grade was when I started noticing me filling out my jeans more than I had in previous years. I thought nothing of it in elementary school. The least of my worries was the size of my thighs. Nobody cared about it back then. We played kickball in the schoolyard, worrying about which team was going to win that day.

What changed between the last day of 5th grade and the first day of 6th grade still perplexes me. Suddenly I became obsessed with the way my body looked in certain outfits. I thanked the Lord every morning for being able to wear skirts to school as part of our uniform so I didn't have to look at those bulky thighs for longer than a few seconds while I got dressed in the morning. It seemed that no matter what I did, my legs got bigger and my pants got that much tighter.

Middle school is when I started delving into the "celebrity culture". I picked up loads of teen magazines, rifling through them for the newest edition to my wall of posters. I also got my first laptop in  the 6th grade and began surfing the web for what was probably the worst offender. I looked up pictures of my favorite actresses at the time. They were all a few years older than me and the concept of Hollywood wasn't familiar to me. I didn't get that these people were all done up and didn't wake up like that. Sometimes I feel like I still don't get that, just so I have a reason to feel sorry for myself.

It's not like anybody was coming up to me and told me that I was fat during middle school and high school. Nobody told me that my hair was hideously ugly and that I should do something about it. Not a single person made fun of my acne or the fact that I didn't wear makeup. So where in the world did I get this negative image of myself, and why did I care so much about what people thought about me? Why do I still care so much?

I ended up at an above average height of 5 feet, 6 inches (or about 1.7 meters for basically everybody outside of the United States) and an average weight I would rather not share online. In short, I am sufficiently average in the body category, yet the ideal for women is still those 5 foot 10 models who wear sample sizes. I am in no way trying to say that being a tall, lean women is a bad thing. I am also not trying to say that a woman barely reaching 5 feet who wears a size 10, 12, 20, etc.. is a bad thing either. We need to sit back and remember that different body types exist for a reason. Shouldn't we learn to embrace our differences, rather it be curves or lean legs or big feet?

At my stature, I will never look like Karlie Kloss or Miranda Kerr. I know this now and I am still trying to accept it. With my muscular legs, I will never have mile long legs like Taylor Swift (#StillMyHomegirl). I won't have gorgeous, sleek hair like Zooey Deschanel in her Pantene commercials. And do you know what I have to say to all of this? SO WHAT?

Who is the media and society to judge somebody's appearance? Happiness and success does not have to rely on that number on a scale. Nobody should have to feel like they're not worth something just because there is a social stigma that comes with a certain look. The media has no right or authority to condemn a look. I don't believe that anybody has the right to do so.

Who cares if you can't see your collar bones or that there is no space between your thighs? Who cares if you have a blemish or two or ten? Who cares if your hair is frizzy? Why does any of this matter? Does anyone really care what other people look like or did the media just convince us that appearance trumps who you are as a person?

Imagine how many industries would go out of business if women woke up one morning and suddenly liked their bodies and the way they looked. 

My Life Revolves Around TV

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I am a television fiend. During the beginning and for the majority of my Spring semester, my schedule revolved around what television shows were on that night. I had 2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and if I decided to watch Fashion Police on Friday, I would. And that's just shows that are in season, not including the shows I binge watch on Netflix.

In a blog I talked about how I couldn't watch movies that often because my attention span doesn't last for that long and I need some breaks. This is why I love television. They're 21 or 44 minute episodes that connect to each other, but you aren't forced to watch them in lineage. Unless of course you are a procrastinating college student. Binge-watching television online is a right of passage for us.

In my life, I've watched TV shows come and go. I've watched entire series, sometimes more than once. I've watched most of a series (see: The O.C., seasons 1 to 3) and I've seen two episodes of shows and gave up hope. Here are 5 shows that I never gave up on and may or may not have binge-watched once or twice.

  1. Gilmore Girls. This show is my favorite show of all time, without a doubt. I love Lorelai and Rory and the whole crazy town. Also, Luke and Lorelai is my one and only OTP (besides Joe Jonas/Harry Styles and me)
  2. The Office. This show comes in a close second to Gilmore Girls because of one thing: Jim Halpert. My God, I love this fictional character more than anything in this world with the exception of my real life OTP. In all seriousness, this show is hilarious and brilliant, despite the existence of season 7 and 8. 
  3. Modern Family. This shouldn't surprise anyone. If you don't watch this show, do it. If you do watch this show, keep watching this show.
  4. Parks and Recreation. I started binge-watching this my senior year after my friend (AKA a total movie and television aficionado) told me that it was her favorite show at the time. I caved and started watching the first season on Netflix and somehow I ended up catching up in the matter of a few weeks. It's sick now that I think about it….
  5. The Middle. The Hecks remind me of my family. My dad is like Frankie, my mom is like Mike, my brother is exactly like Axl, and I am a combination of Brick and Sue. It's quite perfect, really.
Honorable mentions: How I Met Your Mother (#WhyAreYouOver?), Friday Night Lights (I only have 2 seasons left!), Teen Wolf, and Parenthood.

What is your favorite television show of all time?

My Dream House

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For years upon years, I dreamed of living in my aunt's traditional farmhouse, complete with a white wraparound porch.  I was in love with its ornate details, old touches that seemed timeless to me. I liked the rustic look the house had, despite the renovation being done on the inside. Conflicting this, however, is my love for the look of modern houses. I really like white brick or the stone/siding combination in some developments around my area back home. I'm absolutely torn on what my dream house looks like on the outside, but I have some ideas for the inside.

In last month's InStyle magazine, there was a feature on Carolina Herrara's townhouse in New York. And let me say, that is precisely how I want my house to look. There are so many textures and colors, yet it all works as one cohesive unit. She has pink damask walls in one room with huge gold frames on the walls.

InStyle (photographed by Jason Schmidt)
The rest of the spread was definitely something I could see myself drawing inspiration from. Fun fact, she has a portrait of her husband's father done by none other than Salvador Dalí. Cool, huh? Or, as they'd say in Venezuela, chévere.

On a completely different side of the color spectrum, I also really adore this couch that I saw on Design Darling. A black and white striped couch? Don't mind if I do! I also really like the varied sizes of picture frames in the background with the black rims keeping them somewhat uniform.

Savvy Home did a feature post on designer Ashley Whittaker and I completely understand why. Look at this gorgeous patio around the pool! I've always told myself that I want a pool at my house. I never had one growing up and though I was never much of a swimmer, I was always convinced that if I had had a pool during my adolescence, I would have been!

Right now, my dream house seems like a hodgepodge of different aspects, but truth be told, I don't think I have a true "dream home"! I'm only eighteen and don't even know what my dream apartment looks like on the inside (though I am quite sure of where I'd like to live my junior year, if only I could afford it). My Pinterest boards will definitely show that I don't have one distinct image in my head, but rather many different ones that in no way go together. Oh well! 

What do you see your dream home as? I just hope mine involves Harry Styles, one way or another...

Tips For Writers, Via Dan O'Shannon

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You might have heard of Dan O'Shannon, author and screenwriter for many beloved television shows, most recently ABC's smash series Modern Family. A class at my university was lucky enough to have him speak during the entire duration of the hour. He answered questions and gave us insight on writing in the professional atmosphere. I found him incredibly entertaining and insightful, so I thought I'd share some of the things he said with you!

One of the questions that was asked was Do you have any advice for writers? His answer will probably stick with me for quite some time, as well as the rest of what he said. He told us that "writing is magic" and went on to explain that quite some time ago, when there were many people who could not read or write, the lay people were blown away by the idea that somebody could etch words onto a surface and that same etching could be taken to someone else hundreds of miles away who did not witness it being written and be seen just the same. Without having been told what happened, these people who were not there to see the writing process could feel what was felt by the writer in that exact moment. Through writing, you can essentially "freeze a moment". In that sense, writing is truly magical.

He also said something I completely resonate with, "you're writing yourself in all of these different characters." You have to treat writing like you're not an omnipresent being who knows everything about everyone. You are that single character and you must get inside of their head and utilize their knowledge, not your own as the "all knowing author". Another quote from his time speaking that I quite liked was, "I have to exist in order for this to work." If you as the author were not here at this exact moment, would these characters exist? Would they function the same way? How dynamic would they be? Without you, the characters would be nothing.

This may seem like common sense, but the amount of people who get into careers for the wrong reason is astonishing. Do not do it for the money. If you're lucky, the money will follow. Certain careers seem glamorous to people and they assume that if they choose it, they'll be cashing hefty checks left and right. If that's your reasoning for going into a career, not passion, then you are going to be unhappy through and through. You'll reach your point of economical success and will realize how unfulfilling it really is. If you don't love something but are suffering through it to make more money than a job you'd truly enjoy, that's just silly. I am a firm believer in doing what you love. If that means taking a pay cut, then so be it. Perhaps it is not the most sound or economically savvy way of life, but for me, happiness trumps all.

Another tip that might not have to do with writing so much, but just is a fun little tidbit, is to send fan letters to people who inspire you. It could be an author of a novel or a screenwriter for your favorite television show. He attributed a few of his friendships to him sending letters to various writers that he respected. This doesn't mean send a letter to Miley Cyrus saying you love her music and think she's a cool gal (I mean, do that if you really want to, I suppose). If someone's work has truly touched you in a way you cannot describe to anyone else, tell them. You never know what may happen.

Dan O'Shannon speaking for this class opened my eyes to a lot of things that I wouldn't have otherwise known about show business and what goes into writing, especially via the medium of television. If you get the chance to watch his interviews online, I highly recommend it. He is an extremely intelligent and funny guy, and I think you'd really enjoy what he has to say. Trust me, he has a lot to say. I wish he could have spoken for more than an hour in this class! I could have listened to him all day.

I will leave you with his four factors leading to your success with writing at a professional level:
  1. Talent
  2. Ambition
  3. Compatibility/Being able to work with other people
  4. Luck
*Check out Dan O'Shannon's book What Are You Laughing At? A Comprehensive Guide to the Comedic Event about what comedy is and why we respond to it the way we do. 

10 Things I Hope To Accomplish By the End of the Year

Monday, April 14, 2014

A couple of years ago, I starting forming lists of about 40 things that I wanted to accomplish in that year. Some of them were simple, other's more difficult. This year was my third year making that list, and I have decided to share some of them with you guys today!
  1. Read 35 new books. My first year it was 25, last year was 30, so I upped it to 35 this year and specified that they had to be books that I've never read before. 
  2. Write every day and fill up a whole notebook. I write every single day without a fail, especially now that I have this blog. I now have a small notebook that I use to write here and there when I have time. 
  3. Grow a flower or some sort of plant and keep it alive. My mom and I have a tendency to kill any plant that we touch. But not for long! I want to keep a flower alive for as long as I can. Keep reading to see my flowers of choice.
  4. Make Yoga part of a weekly routine. I kept up with this for a solid month at the beginning of the semester, but I got bored of the routine I was doing and never found myself a new one. Maybe I'll start back up once I'm done with classes! It really made me feel relaxed!
  5. Go a day without my phone and computer. I want to go completely technology free one day this summer. Just me and a book or some friends. I just want to test myself to see if I can, since my whole world seems to revolve around technology.
  6. Make a résumé. I have to start applying for internships soon and the one thing I lack is a good résumé (and a steady relationship with a certain British popstar…)
  7. Cook or bake at least 10 things that I have pinned. I pin a lot of delicious looking treats and never seem to make them. The recipes just sit on my board for show. I plan to change that and take advantage of the resourceful Pinterest folk who have fantastic ideas!
  8. Do a DIY or craft that I have pinned. This is along the same lines as #7! I have some crafts pinned that look super cute and easy and I have yet to do one! I feel like this will be great for when it comes time to decorate my dorm next semester!
  9. Re-do my bedroom at home. Even though I live at school for more than half of the year, it's still nice to go home and enjoy the room that I'm staying in. There isn't anything wrong with my current room setup, though I've heard that my family just uses it as a room to store things that clutter their own rooms…I digress, I feel like I've changed a lot since I left for school and that when I go home, the room feels like it belongs to someone else. I want to tweak it a little bit so that I can feel comfortable in the privacy of my own house.
  10. Stop being afraid to make that first move. I am terrified of initiating things, whether it be conversations, friendships, relationships, whatever it may be. At some point, I'm going to have to put on my big girl pants and start making the first one. When I think about the amount of things that I miss out on because I wait for people to come to me, well, I just don't like to think about it at all.

Here are my dear Tulips that I picked up a few days ago. They're supposedly pink tulips, but I swear that they're white. Regardless, they are precious and I love them to pieces. Plus, they smell incredible.

What is one thing that you want to accomplish in 2014? 

Spring Playlist

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I made you guys my spring playlist, including some songs that I think perfectly exemplify the season.

What's on your spring playlist?

How I Learned How To Play The Guitar Horribly

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Once upon a time in eighth grade, I decided that I wanted to be Taylor Swift. I couldn't have the curly hair, so I begged my parents for a guitar and prayed to the music gods (presumably Johnny Cash and Lou Reed) for an ounce of talent. In return, I was given calluses, endless frustration, and the least amount of talent you would need to play a few chords.

I was determined, nonetheless. I found myself watching YouTube videos of other girls playing songs on guitar, trying to do what I so desperately wanted to. Eventually, I found a video simple enough so that I could follow along. Thus, "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry became the first song I ever learned on guitar, followed closely by "Boys With Girlfriends" by Meiko.

At some point, I fell in love with playing the guitar, despite not being very good at it. I went through my iTunes library constantly, trying to find new songs to play. Most of them ended up being Taylor Swift tunes because she is too fantastic to not try to match. I would ignore schoolwork and lock myself in my room, playing quietly unless the house was empty. If I was home alone, that's when things go interesting. Throughout high school, I waited for those few hours I was home alone, not so I could throw some huge rager, but so I could jam out on the guitar as loud as I wanted to. I could make mistakes, scream at the top of my lungs, whatever I wanted to.

Learning the guitar taught me how to work hard, even if the outcome wasn't what I wanted it to be. I'm not exactly a prodigy. I'm mediocre at best, but it makes me happy. I'm content with my skill level, but that doesn't stop me from trying. It taught me that making mistakes is okay, even if they're repeated. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

What's the hardest thing you've taught yourself? I tried teaching myself Italian and that did not work out well...

Why I Have Hundreds of Crushes and Am Still Single

Friday, April 11, 2014

I have plenty of flaws, whether they're physical, habitual, or are quirks that aren't quite aligned with the social norms. I don't have smooth, even skin, I talk too fast and too loud, and I acquire crushes very easily. My crushes usually fall in the stage right before I full-blown like someone. They normally don't get to that point for me, because I am me (harsh, but true). When I crush, I crush hard. I have a tendency to feel at extremes. Either I feel nothing at all or I feel everything. There is rarely an in-between.

Despite having all of these crushes, I never seem to be able to transform them into anything else. Am I too scared? Too repulsive? Not actually interested in being somebody's something? A simultaneous combination of all of the above (appropriately penned the #3)? I don't think I'll ever know.

Commitment scares me. I can't choose a lipstick color, let alone another human being to spend a substantial amount of time with in a romantic setting. Somewhere in time, it was decided that when you got a significant other, everything else important to you could and should be dropped in a moment's notice to cater to them. If that's the way relationships are, I don't think I'd like to be in one.

Then there's the doubt that comes with still being single. Am I repulsive? Is my bitch face too intimidating? Does my imperfect skin really affect your opinion of me that much? Is it my thighs? This detrimental thought process is stupid, yet it happens weekly if you're lucky, as opposed to daily. Even if somebody decided you weren't worth dating because of any of those things, they clearly aren't the right person for you. It's all about perspective, people.

This may go back to being scared of commitment, but some people just don't want a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, some people like to, gasp, put themselves first. I know it's a foreign concept that is often associated with selfishness, and I'm here to tell you that it's not. Wanting to put yourself first once in a while is not a sin, nor should you be shamed for it. Wanting to focus on yourself is a perfectly legitimate reason to not want to be in a relationship, or even go on dates. Not wanting to be responsible for somebody else's feelings is also acceptable.

The pressure to be in a serious relationship nowadays is out of control. When was it ever explicitly said that a woman must be married in her early 20's? When did being single become such a bad thing, something that people respond to with "I'm so sorry. You'll find somebody soon, don't worry." What if I don't want to find somebody? Heaven forbid you tell someone that. They practically go into cardiac arrest.

Girls get into relationships because they think that it is expected of them. And heaven forbid they let a few people down, right? On the other hand, single men are fine. Being a bachelor is socially acceptable! But a single woman? Call the police and hope that the officer is available!

Maybe there is an actual reason for why I am single. I could be missing one big warning sign that is revealed to everyone but myself. But for now, it's because I want to be. I want to have my innocent crushes until I decide to change my mind.

Beauty Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My mother is a relatively simple woman. And mom, I know you are reading this, so hello. Send my love to Grandma and Grandpa. Anyways, she is not one for an excessive amount of makeup and rarely styles her hair anyway besides straight (at least, what hair she has). This left me with no choice but to teach myself the tricks of the trade. I burnt myself many times trying to find the perfect way to curl my hair and poked myself in the eye one too many times with my mascara wand. My current beauty resume has been a few years in the making.
  1. Blend your makeup, whether it be your bronzer or eyeshadow. Nothing is worse than a harsh line between the color of your face and bronzer, or two to three eyeshadow colors.
  2. Shake our your curls. I cannot believe that I used to go to school with my hair in distinct spirals, with the occasional kink or two where I clamped it in one spot for too long. I didn't learn that shaking out my curls and running through them with my fingers would turn my crusty, uniform curls into loose beachy waves.
  3. Curl your eyelashes before mascara. This makes all the difference, I promise. They are not scary torture devices for your eyelashes if you do it right. Be careful not too get too close to your lash line and only hold it down for a few seconds.
  4. Putting nude or white eyeliner on your lower lash line. This little trick makes you look so much more awake than you actually are. Nude eyeliner looks more natural, but the white eyeliner looks great in photos.
  5. Do not smile when you put on blush. I have found that if you smile to find the apples of your cheeks, your blush ends up way too close to your nose and it looks really silly. Instead, sweep up along the top edge of your bronzer. It sculpts your cheeks even more and doesn't make you look like a clown.
My mother has taught me a few tricks, though. I'd like to give her some credit here but telling you what she taught me growing up.
  1. Never over pluck your eyebrows. My mom has turned me into the type of person who will never let anyone do my eyebrows besides myself. She told me to only pluck the strays above and below my eyebrows. I strongly believe this is why mine are like two little caterpillars hanging out on my face. And I love it.
  2. Blot your lipstick. Just do it. It makes it more like a stain and you are less likely to have it feather or transfer onto other things. 
  3. Moisturize daily. I could be on my deathbed and I would be sure to apply some to my dry face. This saved me from a lot of flaky skin in my days, though didn't really help me when I was using Retinol cream for my acne...
  4. Less is more. I don't think my mom likes it when I wear a lot of makeup, so to humor her sometimes I keep it simple. And what do you know, sometimes I actually prefer it that way.
What is one beauty tip that your mother has taught you, or that you picked up from observing her getting ready over the years?

Plans for Rainy Days

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

As much as I would like the seasons to transition smoothly, from snow to sun with nothing in between, Spring is typically full of rainy days and gloomy skies. It was a lot easier to navigate around the weather detours when I was living at home with a car, but now that I live in a new city without a proper form of transportation, I feel pretty stuck on days when the weather is not ideal. As much as I enjoy a nice sunny day, sometimes you just have to learn how to dance in the rain.

When the weather is not ideal, I typically stay inside. On these days, my suite mate and I will movie marathon it. We raid Netflix's selection or pick and choose from our own little collections. This takes up a lot of time and keeps you entertained without even having to leave the comfort of your home. And you don't have to put pants on. It's a win-win situation all around.

I like to walk everywhere I go in the city, even when it's chilly out. But, walking in the rain is extremely uncomfortable and I try to avoid it at all costs. In the off chance that I do want to go outside during day on a rainy afternoon, I take advantage of public transportation. I'll scurry on over to the bus terminal with my umbrella and take it down to the local mall. The stores kind of stink, but it gives me some place to wander for a couple of hours. I'll usually grab a bite to eat and will sort through the vinyls at FYE. If you love some place where the mall has good stores, shopping is always a viable option for those days where it's just not nice enough to explore outside.

Reading on rainy days is also a good use of time. When I'm not writing or watching movies/television, I'm reading something. I'll read books, magazines, blog posts, whatever I am feeling on that particular day. It's the perfect way to utilize your time when you don't want to get soaked outside.

For me, rainy days are always spent inside one way or another. If you are fortunate enough to have a car, take advantage of it. If you are a little less fortunate on days that are not suited for walking around outside, get creative! There are tons of things that you can do inside. It could be as simple as having a two hour long conversation with a friend about the silliest things.

What's your favorite thing to do when it's raining? I will admit that I still like stomping around in puddles occasionally.

How To Pack For International Travel

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last February, some of my Spanish class and a few teachers went on a week long trip to Europe, Spain specifically. I learned a lot about packing from that trip. I used to have the tendency to overpack, but when you have a weight limit to fly and have to carry around your luggage from your source of transportation to your hotel, less becomes more. If you're going overseas (from my perspective, it would be America to Europe, Asia, etc…), chances are you're going to go sight-seeing. This means a lot of walking and, at least for me, climbing on whatever I possibly could.

(Photo of me climbing on the colonnade around the monument of King Alfonso XII in Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain)

There are definitely things that you should bring, and there are others than aren't exactly necessities. Some good things to pack would be:
  1. Your passport. I feel like this should be a given, but you will not be able to fly internationally without one of these. Never, ever forget this. I checked at least ten times to make sure I had it before we left from one hotel to go to another.
  2. A comfortable pair of walking shoes. I opted for a pair of Sperry's because I have this thing where I hate wearing sneakers unless I'm working out. A pair of standard running shoes, Keds, sensible boots, or loafers would suffice. As long as they are weather appropriate and will not make your feet sore.
  3. A comfortable jacket. I wore a black puffer jacket the entire because it was comfortable for the international flight, kept me warm enough, and packed up nicely in my suitcase if I needed it to. This always depends on the weather as well, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  4. A small cross body bag with a zipper closure. Crossbody bags are a lifesaver when you are walking around for long periods of time. They are completely hands off, and the zipper closure can ensure the safety of the bag's contents.
  5. Electronic converter. This is not just a good thing to pack, it is an absolute necessity. The plugs you use in the United States DO NOT match the plugs that you use in European countries. They won't even fit in to the outlets, and even if they did, your electronics would not work. They would probably just explode.
  6. A small camera. You're going to want to take pictures! I actually didn't bring a real camera because my iPhone's photos sufficed enough for me. If you have a phone that takes brilliant pictures already, the small camera might not even be necessary! But, if your phone is not the best, the smaller the camera, the better.
Along the lines of clothes and beauty items, this will depend on the weather where you are going. My recommendations is to pack for the exact number of days you will be there because I did a ton of shopping when I was in Spain. I spent over 600 (approximately $824, though I think I spent closer to $900) on new clothes and ended up having to purge my magazines and some other items so I could make room for my new clothes. Some clothing and beauty item tips would be:
  1. Pack a few pairs of pants. I packed one pair of jeans and 3 pairs of leggings for an 8 day trip. As long as you don't spill anything on yourself or get wet, you will be just fine with this amount. And if you have access to laundry facilities, it definitely will not matter in the slightest.
  2. Basics are the way to go. Plain shirts can be reworn without any problem. Plus, they typically pack well.
  3. One nice outfit. My school was a Catholic school, so one thing on our agenda was going to a Cathedral in Seville. We were instructed to dress nicely that day. We also all got dressed up for the Flamenco show, but some of us shopped for those outfits so you may end up only needed one.
  4. Your absolutely necessary beauty products. For me, I needed face wash, moisturizer, foundation, powder, mascara, and a simple eye primer that would get rid of the veins on my eyelid. I never wore eyeshadow on that trip and didn't need to take up space in my suitcase with a separate bag for my makeup. I combined it with my bag of toiletries. My roommates on the trip and I all coordinated on who was to bring what. One of us brought shampoo, one conditioner, one body wash, and the other (me) brought dry shampoo. It took up less space in our bags and none of us would have used an entire bottle of each during a week's time.
What is most important is that you feel that you're not forgetting anything. If you have prescriptions or your favorite necklace, then bring those! You just want to be sure not to overpack. Make a checklist of all of the things that you would possibly need, or find one on Pinterest!

What are your packing necessities or tricks? I learned (from my Spain trip, actually!) to roll my clothes instead of folding them. And I always bring my iPod and a book on every trip I take. You never know when you're going to have some free time. We had a lot of long bus rides from city to city and I was always so jazzed before I went to bed that I had to read to mellow myself out.

Play Ball!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I grew up in a household that trained me to love baseball. My father played little league his whole life. My mom played softball growing up. It was only right that they passed on their love for the game to their children. I always enjoyed throwing the ball around, but for a majority of my childhood I was more interested in dancing, basketball, and soccer. My brother started playing t-ball as soon as he was of age, though. One day, my friend and I decided that we wanted to play softball for the local little league. That first year in fifth grade turned into a seven year commitment to a sport I learned to love and hate.

Playing softball made me love the game of baseball even more. I learned to watch closely, seeing the minute details rather than the full picture. I learned to love watching the pitches come in. My favorite sound in the world became the sound of the ball smacking against the catcher's mitt. Going to games became my form of entertainment, whether they were my brother's little league games or the local minor league team's games.

I went to my first major league game in middle school. I saw the White Sox vs. Red Sox in Chicago, and forever referred to it as the Battle of the Pink Sox. After sitting in U.S. Cellular Field for those few hours, something inside me clicked, and I knew that I would never get sick of the feeling of sitting at a baseball game. Since that game, I've made it my mission to go to as many fields and games as possible. 

One of my favorite things about where I go to school now is that we have a major league team. I grew up having only a minor league team. Needless to same, I'm extremely happy to have the Indians downtown with me. At the end of the 2013 season, I managed to go to 4 games in 2 weeks and boy, was that a treat. If I wasn't the dozen or so blocks away from the field, I'd watch the games on television or would keep up with my favorite app during the MLB season, At Bat.

I waited (im)patiently through the winter months for the 2014 season to begin. I wasn't able to attend the home opener against the Twins, but I did get the opportunity to attend the rest of the series on Saturday and Sunday. I am bad luck for the Indians (they always lose when I go!), but I can't myself away from Progressive Field. Baseball is my life, whether I like it or not. Does this explain why Moneyball is my favorite movie of all time?

Is anyone else as excited for baseball to be starting up again? I want to know who you guys are rooting for this season! As expected, I want my Indians to do well this year and make it even further into postseason! I always like to see the Red Sox, New York Mets, and Athletics win as well. Just not when they're playing the Indians ;). 

I Love My Record Player More Than I Love My Brother

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I wrote a whole blog post a couple of months ago about the details of my record player, including all of the vinyls that I own. To spare you the long, boring information, I'll the link blog here and move on with why I love it so much.

First of all, there's something so cool about vinyl. It gives listening to music a whole new (er, I guess old) meaning. I like not having to fuss with shuffle or try to find the next song. You can't just skip a song on a record (well, you can but it's a pain in the butt). It forces you to enjoy the record as it was meant to be enjoyed--as one complete piece.

I enjoy lounging in bed on a weekend and just listening. It had been so long since I had sat down and just listened to the music. Whenever I'm listening to music, I'm normally distracted by something else, whether it be homework, a book I'm reading, or distracted by my surroundings, as I'm usually walking with my headphones in. When I use my record player, I know that for the next 40-50 minutes I'm going to be completely immersed in the tunes.

What's your favorite way to listen to music? I occasionally like borrowing my brother's Beats when I'm home because music sounds so good through them as well.

Favorite Teas

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I am an avid tea drinker. My grandfather used to give me decaf tea when he watched me while my parents worked. I'd watch him carefully as he poured in his milk and sugar. I'd mime his actions, preparing my little mug the same way as his. This was the start of what would be my most stable relationship. I've loved tea ever since and don't plan on looking back.

In my dorm, I have a massive stack of tea boxes against the wall in the living room. I actually had to downsize because I had so many boxes and my Leaning Tower of Teas fell over one too many times. Nothing is better than a hot cup of tea and surfing the internet, besides a hot cup of tea while you lay next to a shirtless Harry Styles in bed. In all seriousness, I have, on average, about two cups a day. Days where I have no tea are sad days, indeed.

Since I drink tea so frequently, it's pretty easy to say that I have my favorites. I really like drinking Tazo's Awake English breakfast tea in the mornings because it gives me that extra jolt of caffeine. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I like drinking Celestial's Sleepytime Vanilla Chamomile tea before I go to bed. My favorite tea to drink with pastries or when I just want a cup out of the blue is Wegman's Cinnamon Spice black tea. It tastes like Trader Joe's Cinnamon Temptest tea, but it's more sweet. My last favorite tea is my favorite tea to make iced tea out of. Tazo's Passion Tea is the perfect tea to cool in the fridge. I like it best when it is mixed with lemonade, just like they do at Starbucks (and for a fraction of the price!)

Do you like tea as well? Or are you more of a coffee person? I like to think that I'm both, but I'm definitely more apt to get an iced coffee in the summer and a hot tea in the winter. Depends on the season, I suppose!

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

Friday, April 4, 2014

(Butter London Knackered, Sephora by OPI It's Hippo To Be Square, Essie Sand Tropez, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Where's My Chauffeur?)

It's officially Springtime (though Cleveland hasn't really gotten the memo…). In celebration of the seasons changing, I've sorted through my nail polish collection and have picked my favorite shades for the spring. I tend to wear a lot of pastels and nudes during the spring. Ground-breaking, I know. 

What nail polishes do you like wearing during the Spring?
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