Stila Smudge Pot in 'Kitten'

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I love cream eye shadows in pots more than life itself. They are so convinient and are a look in themselves. I'm pretty lazy in the morning when it comes to eyeshadow mostly because it takes me forever to blend and I'm very particular about where I want my crease color. It's all too stressful when I have time restraints in the morning before school. Products like Stila's Smudge/Prime pots, MAC's Paintpots, NYX's Jumbo eyeshadow pencils and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on shadows save my life during the school year.

I remember about a year or two back, the fab four (as I like to call them) Glamourista16, MeghanRosette, SarahBelle93x and GlassSlipperBeauty on youtube absolutely RAVED about this. Much time has passed, but I finally got my stuff together and bought this gem!

Kitten is one of those "famous" shades from Stila. When I think Stila, my first thought is the kitten eyeshadow. The color is absolutely fabulous.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Exposed'

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you know me, you should know that I have a budding love affair for blushes. If you know me even better, you'd be aware of the fact that I pine after this line of blushes hardcore. My love for this particular type of blush is the equivalence to Paula Dean's love for better. So obviously it's pretty extreme.

I needed a blush for fall and since I've been waiting quite awhile to purchase this particular shade I figured now would be the perfect time to live a little and buy this beaut. This is only my second shade, though I did very recently just order the 2012 Holiday Collection kit with four in it. In my cheek drawer I now have Dollface and Exposed sitting very close to each other for easy access.

The actual design in the blush is incredible. It's a cute design meant to model the Amazon river. Eventually, once you use this enough, the design begins to get worn down but it's cute while it lasts!

Tarte's Lip Gloss in 'Blissful'

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How I got this product is actually a really funny story. I was at Ulta buying Benefit's boxed powder in Dandelion and the cashier was checking me out. When she went to put it in the bag, she accidentally dropped it on the floor. She apologized about ten times even when I kept assuring her that it was fine and that it wasn't broken at all. Apparently she felt really bad because she gave me a Tarte makeup bag that contained this lipgloss in it! So basically I got a lipgloss from Tarte that retails for over $20...for free!

The packaging is adorable! I love the floral print. The applicator is a collection of synthetic fibers. When you click the bottom of the gloss, the product comes up through a little tube in the center of the applicator. A good two or three clicks gives you enough gloss for your bottom and top lips. 

Mine is in the shade blissful, which also has a blush (and Lip Surgence stain, correct me if I'm wrong) in the same shade.

MAC's 'Lightscapade' MSF

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This product has a special place in my heart being that it was my first MAC product ever. This mineralized skin finish started the snowball effect for my still forming MAC addiction. My collection of little black packaging is slowly but surely increasing every Macy's trip.

First and foremost, highlighters are by far my favorite makeup product. I love the effect they give the face. If I forget to highlight my face before I leave the house, I get legitimately upset. I feel like my face doesn't look as fresh and natural if I forget this step.

The product itself has a cream colored base with darker swirls of tan, yellows and blues. It looks almost like a pastel planet!

As for the actual color, when the mixture is swirled together it forms a light yellow powder. It is a little chalkier than my other MSF from MAC, but it isn't enough to bother me. When I apply it onto my face, it gives the most natural glow of all of my high-lighters. The wear time isn't awful, but it's not nearly as long as my liquid highlighters from Benefit. But for being a powder, I have no problems with it.

This product, sadly, was limited edition but I picked mine up at a local CCO! If you can get your hands on this and love highlighters, I would definitely recommend it! If you're so-so about them, I would say don't even try looking for it.

Wet 'N Wild 'Walking On Eggshells' trio

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It really excites me to be able to make this blog post, because it just reminds me that I finally have this in my possession after years of pining over it. I know, I know; why was I pining after a drugstores trio that cost less than five dollars? Well, my friend, because it is that fabulous. This is one of those products that lives up to its hype.

The three colors are nicely labeled for their intended use, though you could easily switch these up with outside colors and they'd look just fine.

 The lightest shade is meant for the browbone or inner corner highlight. The middle shade is intended to be used as a crease color and the last color is the color for all over the lid. Again, these do not have to go in those places; they're just following the guide that Wet 'N Wild gave.

The browbone highlight is an off-white, leaning more toward a golden cream color. The crease color is a medium brown. The lid color is a peachy champagne or an exact dupe for MAC's All That Glitters (I kid you not).

The color payoff on these shadows are incredible. They are smooth and silky, making application incredibly easy. There are really no faults in this trio. The only one I could think of is that the brown color has a lot of payoff so you have to be careful when you apply it. Before you go to put it on the lid, make sure to tap it out quite a bit. Other than that, you can't go wrong with this affordable trio!

NOTD: Butter London's 'Fairy Lights'

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've become increasingly more busy between school and soccer, but I'm finally here today to review my first ever Button London nail polish! I've heard nothing but good things about the brand, and once I saw that Ulta was having a BOGO free on the tenth, there was no way I could pass up my opportunity to finally try one from the brand.

First and foremost, I love the rectangular packaging on this. I really like when brands stray from the typical somewhat-cylindrical glass bottle. It just gives it a memorable and unique edge. You pull the black cap off to reveal the twist top that is connected to the brush. The brush itself is nice, but the applicator cap felt a little small. It didn't bother me enough to make or break the polish for me.

Fairy Lights is described on Butter London's website as a “liquid metal” rose-pink metallic nail lacquer. I would say that it definitely has somewhat of a purple tint in certain lights. The finish is metallic, which is fairly obvious in the bottle.

August Favorites!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I fail to believe that it is currently September 2nd. Where did the summer go? I swear I just finished my last exam of junior year yesterday. This is crazy. I've spent the whole summer working, playing softball and attending family parties. This has by far been the busiest summer. Maybe not the best, but I'm content with it.

As for the month of August, I bought a lot of new products and tried some new stuff. So I'll get right into my favorites of the month.

First and foremost, I'll start off with my most used blush this this month: Dandelion from  Benefit! You can see my review for it right here.

It is the perfect natural blush for my skin tone. It'll look even better when I'm a little more fair (I've been out in the sun a lot for soccer and such). Plus, Benefit's powders smell sugary sweet to me.

I've been wearing the heck out of this Korres lip butter in Jasmine. I also did a review on that so you can see it here. It's the perfect nude on my lips and I just love the way it feels. Plus, it smells incredible.

I got this Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencil in 'Sin' in an old holiday or combo pack or something. It came with five (review coming soon), but 'Sin' is my favorite eyeshadow of all time so having this in a cream form is awesome. I love the application of this. I color it on and blend it out a little and I've got my eye look. When this runs out, there is no doubt in my mind that I will find myself a full sized version.

This is not my favorite mascara or anything, but for this month it has been doing a pretty good job and keeping my lashes long and "voluminous"~. It's a little wet for my taste, but it's been my favorite this month.

I picked up this Benefit "Boing" and "Lemonaid" duo. I use Boing for my concealer on blemishes and Lemonaid under my eyes on my dark circles even though the website says it's an eyeshadow base to remove veins on your lid, I believe. I prefer it as an under-eye concealer. It's so compact and I love the little mirror. I will definitely carry this around in my school bag.

This lip scrub is awesome. It does its job well (exfoliates your lips/preps them for lip products) but it also tastes incredible! My brother will deny this, but he stole it a couple of times just so he could lick it off his lips. It's just that good!

And as for my non-beauty favorites I have Underarmour athletic shorts in general, though this fluorescent green is my favorite.

I play soccer and softball, so these shorts are perfect for that. But I'll wear these on my runs or for gym class. Really, they're just great breathable shorts. Plus, there are so many colors to choose from! I could look at athletic gear forever.

My taupe Steve Madden studded loafers have seen better days. We've gone through a lot together, like seeing Train in Chicago and promptly ripping up the back of my feet so I couldn't wear them the rest of the trip. They're painful to break in, but after you do they're incredible! I love wearing them with my cuffed blue cotton pants from Hollister (They're called the Skinny Chinos). They're awesome!

I got this half off and am in love with it. I almost bought it at the beginning of the month but passed, so needless to say I was stoked when I saw it on sale! It smells incredible. I'm absolutely awful at describing scents, but B&BW describes it as "sparkling grapefruit and sandalwood, with coconut milk and summer jasmine". If they still have it at your local store, pick it up! It's the perfect transition scent for summer to fall.

I found these in the frozen section of my local Target. It's portioned fruit for an 8 oz. smoothie! It's just frozen bananas and strawberries, so you could buy those yourself, but I like the idea of it already being in a perfect portion for me.

I've been loving the song "Mango Tree" by Angus and Julia Stone this month. It's a mainly acoustic song (with a little percussion) but I adore the lyrics and Angus's voice. It's very unique, and certainly for someone with an acquired taste. Julia delivers lovely harmonies. I just love the simplicity of their songs. You might remember their song "Big Jet Plane" from the Maybelline Fit Me ad in 2011. I got giddy when I realized it was them when it first aired. I had been fans for a little while before that. They're just a great duo.

What have been some of your favorite products for August? What are you excited about going into fall? I can't wait to wear some of my more neutral or darker colors. I've also been dying to try out a berry or plum lip! :)

Urban Decay's 'Skull Shadow Box' Pallete

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I purchased entirely too much makeup on my trip to Chicago, and this is no exception. I got this little guy at the Nordstrom rack for more than half off!

I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows and palettes and products in general. I am a huge fan of the colors and pigmentation. This palette includes nine eyeshadows, all of a great size.

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